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Our aim is to share practical information about flowers, plants and new sundry products used in the floral industry, connecting Florists directly with growers through our digital magazine.

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Our digital magazine features Trending; New Products; Conditioning information direct from the grower and Chrysal; what’s Fresh and New in terms of flowers and specialities; Commercial Designs; Handties with a difference; Behind the Scenes stories and much more…

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Meet the florists who share their talent and inside information with members of Floral Fundamentals.
The Growers listed here spend their lives dedicated to producing some of the best flowers worldwide. They are deeply committed to ensuring that you, the florists, receive top quality flowers. Now is your chance to learn more about not only their products, but their business too.
The Suppliers listed here offer a wide range of services for the industry, and each one ensures that their products will be available on a wholesale-only basis.