A warm welcome to new Ambassadors by existing Ambassadors

Jul 22, 2019 | Behind the Scenes, Floral News

3 new Ambassadors were welcomed by several existing Ambassadors.

The latest members came from Finland, Belgium and the UK.

Pictured here are Olivier Seghin (Belgium) new; Oscar Von Flora (Sweden); Gábor Nagy (Hungary); Iza Tkaczyk (Poland); Helen Jamieson (UK); Chantal Post (Belgium); Aire Reenumägi (Estonia); Natallia Sakalova (Belgium); Frédéric Dupré Florist (France); Mervi Juurikka (Finland) new; Phil Hammond (UK) new ; special guest Madame Dupré (France) and Ioachim Erema (UK) – a wonderful group of existing and new Ambassadors full of enthusiasm and full of fun too!

Photography by it ain’t photography aka Jhon Koopman

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