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Following intensive discussions, a group of like-minded professionals from different aspects of the sector agreed that the floral industry needed help to communicate and to break down barriers. The advent of supermarket pricing policy has caused major issues not only for florists but for growers too.

What was needed was a radical approach and a platform where growers and suppliers could have direct communication with florists and where florists could ask direct questions and learn more.
Florists can connect directly with growers + suppliers through our digital magazine - available exclusively to members of Floral Fundamentals.
Floral Fundamentals aims to share practical information about flowers, plants and new sundry products used in the floral industry. Florists are now able to connect directly with growers and suppliers by subscribing to the Floral Fundamentals newsletter.

Floral Fundamentals aims to show practical, commercial ideas that will give florists a design edge over supermarket products. In turn, growers can ask for feedback about their flowers and plants. Florists will then be able to ensure that they use professional growers supplying excellent flowers. In certain cases, growers and sundry suppliers will ensure that these products will not be available via supermarkets or chain stores.


Membership of Floral Fundamentals gives you access to our newsletter and digital magazine.

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Meet the florists who share their talent and inside information with members of Floral Fundamentals.
The Growers listed here spend their lives dedicated to producing some of the best flowers worldwide. They are deeply committed to ensuring that you, the florists, receive top quality flowers. Now is your chance to learn more about not only their products, but their business too.
The Suppliers listed here offer a wide range of services for the industry, and each one ensures that their products will be available on a wholesale-only basis.