Ambassadors mentor new Ambassadors at Floral Fundamentals

Nov 16, 2022 | Floral News

The latest photo shoot at Floral Fundamentals saw the initiation of a new concept where existing Ambassadors were asked to mentor our new recruits and it proved to be very successful.

We find that new Ambassadors are often very nervous when they come to their first photo shoot and it takes them a while to settle down.  The idea of pairing them up with an existing Ambassador that they already know where they can ask for information and advice seems to work!

Our latest ‘newbies’ were Claudia Tararache from Romania (who had already worked with Hanneke Frankema) and Krisztián Kövér from Hungary (who knew and had competed against Gábor Nagy) seemed to relax more easily and quickly fitted into the work schedule.  This idea proved to be so successful that we have decided to continue with the mentor programme.

Watch out for the announcement of when you can visit one of our photo shoots too!