Cymbidium Sales up for Valentine’s Day!

Feb 10, 2022 | Floral News

There is no doubt that for peak days in the floral calendar, the price of flowers is always higher.

Normally this is driven by high demand at the auctions but this year there is another driving force and that is the cost of gas. Several Dutch rose growers have placed their plants into a form of hibernation. Not our growers though! Meijer Roses, Porta Nova and VOORN Spray Roses have decided that they will not let their customers down. Therefore, they are all available.

However, many florists who have been carefully watching the price of flowers in general have turned to Cymbidium orchids which are an excellent price and perfect quality especially if they come from our growers CYmoreflavour Cymbidium and BAC Orchids. Look out for them from your supplier, they have some wonderful varieties and some great new ones too!


CYmoreflavour Cymbidium:


BAC Orchids: