Floral Fundamentals Issue 25

Feb 28, 2021 | Magazine

Welcome to spring! There’s inspiration from the latest Home Stay photo shoot involving Floral Fundamentals Ambassadors in Norway, Sweden and Denmark – you may notice some of their seasonal snow adding to the spring atmosphere!

With more than 100 designs, you’ll find ideas for corporate work in bespoke hotels, welcome designs for homes, offices and events, flowers for giving and for weddings. We also pay another visit to Russia where the Ambassadors share ideas for handcrafted techniques. Piet van Kampen takes a road trip to show you just what’s happening at some of the spring flower growers – there’s photos of Lilac, Narcissus, Hellebores, Hyacinths and Viburnum (the Snowball tree this time!) for you to share with your customers.

The NOW and NEW! pages as always update you with what’s happening with more of the Floral Fundamental Partners and we meet with the multi-faceted Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt from Philadelphia to talk about their work as Schaffer Designs. With floral hearts and even a Tree of Hope and Friendship, there’s lots of reasons to take a look at Floral Fundamentals issue 25.