Floral Fundamentals Issue 26

Jul 6, 2021 | Magazine

Welcome to issue 26! It may be the year of staycations and the sun may have forgotten to shine, but there’s a summer’s vibe to this issue.

You’ll see that a group of our Dutch and Belgian Ambassadors were certainly celebrating when they met together for a recent photo shoot; their happy faces say it all. The designs – there’s more than 80 − from them and from some of our Russian Ambassadors, are full of colour and creativity; they may even have you ‘dancing in the sun’!

For days and décor that call for cool and calming, there’s a gallery of green and white flowers that’s sure to inspire. We think you’ll also be inspired by Nicu Bocancea, Reka Kurtos, Matthew Landers and Conny van der Westerlaken as they share just how they make sure that they stand out from the crowd. Flowers that do just with a quality that’s exquisite in every way are VOORN Spray Roses; we learn that they grow 19 different varieties including a special Seasons collection just for summer.

And as always NOW and NEW! updates you with what’s happening with more of the Floral Fundamental Partners. Enjoy summer, enjoy issue 26 of Floral Fundamentals!