Agna Maertens

Agna Maertens is based in Belgium.

Agna Maertens is a highly talented Belgian designer whose business is L’amour des fleurs. Previously Agna was a teacher and her subjects were Chemistry and Physics.

Having left her previous profession, Agna became a freelance florist and she loves to create ‘romantic-style’ designs particularly in pastel colours.

Currently Agna is taking the EMC (European Master Certification) courses. She tells us that she loves detailed work and that she has a lot of patience! She loved attending a Floral Fundamentals shoot where she revelled in nature in it’s many forms and she tells us that she suspects that is because of her scientific background.

Agna Maertens
L’amour des fleurs, Agna Maertens, Stationsstraat 66,
8730 Beernem, Belgium