Alex Choi

Alex Choi lives and works in Seoul, South Korea.

Alex Choi who lives and works in South Korea is the current holder of the title Fleurop/Interflora World Champion. Alex is a highly talented and charming designer who is also a keen competitor, teacher and demonstrator. He is part of the Floriat team who have their school in Seoul where he inspires young florists with his story. A former school teacher, he started his floral career with indoor gardening. From this he developed into floristry and could regularly be seen at the most prestigious competitions in the Far East. He has been a florist for over 20 years now.

He has demonstrated in various countries but he took Europe by storm when, having won the title World Champion in Berlin, he returned to demonstrate at the Europa Cup in Italy. His demonstration and charming presence held the audience enthralled and he received a well-deserved ovation for his work.

Alex says that he takes his inspiration from nature and he clearly enjoyed his trip to the Floral Fundamentals growers where he found a wonderland of flowers, plants and foliage. He is quite a quiet person when you first meet him but don’t be fooled, Alex has a wonderful sense of humour and it shows in the twinkle in his eyes! There is no question that he will continue to travel and to teach and demonstrate, we just wait to see what he will get up to next.

Alex Choi
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