Attila Kiss

Attila Kiss is based in Budapest in Hungary.

Attila Kiss is based in Budapest, Hungary. We first spotted his talent when he competed in the European Championship for Young Florists which was held in the UK. He won the competition and, although he continued to work, he stood back from the spotlight to support his partner.

Attila first became fascinated by floristry at the tender age of 15 and his love of the flower industry is clear for anyone to see.

We teased him at the Floral Fundamentals photo shoot because he is quite quiet but the reality is that he is completely focused when he works with flowers.

All the Ambassadors who were present at that shoot agreed that one of the most outstanding pieces of work that weekend was created by Attila – his used of colour is sensational.

Nowadays he travels internationally and he confides that he finds his inspiration in the beauty of nature and the different countries he has worked in. He is wonderfully talented but is also very modest about his ability. An inspirational florist!

Attila Kiss
Budapest, Hungary

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