Bea Beroy

Bea Beroy is based in Barcelona.

Following her studies of agricultural engineering at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona, Bea Beroy studied Superior technic in plastic arts and design in floral art, in “l’Escola d’art floral of Catalonia”. She made various specialisation courses with national teachers like Montse Bolet, LLum Benedito, Alfons Tost, Kike Leon…, as well as with different international professors such as, Gregor Lersch, Peter Hess, Marie Bosson, Wally Klett, teaching courses in floral art in Ateliers of Basel, Weihenstephan of Freising, and with Britta Ohlrogge and Daniel Santamaria in Hamburg as well as various seminars with Gregor Lersch.

Bea took the courses of the international jury of FEUPF in Holland with the extension in Belgium. Jury of room in the European Cup in Salamanca. Jury in the Junior Cup in Brussels.

She was a Professor at the Escola d’Art de Catalunya from1994 until 2013. Head of studies of l’Escola d’Art de Catalunya 2006 floral to 2013.

Bea has participated in different national and international flower festivals such as Girona temps flors, Festival de la Rosa Doué-the-Fontaine Piverdiere, 10th orchids festival in Sanya (China) and made different exhibitions and demonstrations for companies in the sector, expohogar, Corma SCLL, Floraholland. She participated in the Singapore Garden Festival in 2014 (Bronze medal). In 2015 in the International world Garden and Flower Festival in Nagasaki (Silver medal).

She co-authored the book Barcelona floral architecture and FLOOS 1.

Currently, Bea has her own flower shop in Barcelona and I am co-owner of 5sentits, a company dedicated to services for the sector of the flowers and plants, conducting courses, demonstrations, creation of collections, events, decorations and transformation of shops in the sector.

Bea Beroy
MAYFLOWER, c/travessera de gracia 67, 08006 Barcelona

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