Bernadette Skobek

Bernadette Skobek lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Born in Austria, Bernadette Skobek started her career in a horticultural technical school.  Following this she worked as a trainee in a local flower shop where she found time to finish her education.  A move to Vienna found her working for a large Events company.

An opportunity arose for her to move to Germany to work for Mehmet Yilmaz where she furthered her training, eventually working under Gregor Lersch.  Last year Bernadette moved to Berlin where she now works for “Blumen Koch”.

In all of her work, Bernadette’s love of botanics is clearly evident and she relishes working in different styles with different techniques.  She is a highly talented young florist and someone to watch in the future.


Bernadette Skobek
Berlin, Germany