Chantal Post

Chantal Post is based in Belgium.

Chantal Post is a passionate Belgian florist living in the French part of Belgium.  She started in flowers 20 years ago by traditional studies and then moved to the Netherlands to follow the Master’s degree and work in a big company. This was for her a great experience, where she learned a lot and that gave her a new vision about floristry!

Since then she is back in Belgium, she has experimented a lot, developed her own style, started her own company, decorated private and professional events, taken part in exhibitions and for 3 years she has been teaching professional florists and giving demonstrations.

What she’s really passionate about is making constructions, sculptures and to decorate them with flowers. Chantal really likes precise and sophisticated work where every material and flower can express itself.

She is a charming lady that everyone loved.

Chantal Post
Chantal Post Artiste Florale, Rue du Vieux Marché 18, 6690 Vielsalm, Belgium