Chantal Wiedmer

Chantal Wiedmer lives and works in Switzerland.
Chantal Wiedmer

Chantal Wiedmer is a Master Florist from a country well-known for its cuckoo clocks and wonderful scenery, but this young florist is certainly no cuckoo!

She is a florist who has worked hard to become the designer that she is today. Her apprenticeship began in 2014 and by 2018 she was placed 1st in the SwissSkills competition. Chantal went on to win a Medallion for Excellence in the 2019 WorldSkills. By 2022 she was a Coach for WorldSkills and, after she passed her Master Florist examination Floral Fundamentals discovered her.

She attended her first Floral Fundamentals photo shoot in 2023 where her passion and talent delighted everyone who met her. She has a delicate touch to design combined with a sharing and caring approach to floristry.

We are sure that Chantal is destined for great things.

She speaks several languages and is particularly fluent in English.

Chantal Wiedmer
Bern, Switzerland
Tel: + 41 79 247 25 83

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