Christiane Nebel

Christiane Nebel is based in Austria.

Christiane Nebel is an independent Master Florist and her passion is for flowers and the arts.

Christiane says, “It’s a wonderful experience to create something unexpected, to reach the beholder through different senses and inspire different emotions within them. With my installations and my photography I am trying to delight people and to captivate them aesthetically. I draw my inspiration from nature and capturing the simple beauty of a flower in all of its stages fascinates me time and time again. Flowers are the words and hieroglyphs of nature, enabling them to show us the beauty and the evanescence of the world.”

Christiane loves to teach and inspire through her demonstrations and work. She is a lady with a wonderful future.

Christiane Nebel
5302 henndorf schoarerbergstr., 9 Österreich
Tel: 0043 664/1608550