Claudia Delli Rocioli

Claudia Delli Rocioli lives and works in Pescara, Italy.
Claudia Delli Rocioli

She graduated in 2005 as an educator but in 2016 Claudia changed her life by entering “the magical world of floral art”. She began her studies at the Ivan Bergh floral school. For Claudia, flowers are a real therapy for the soul as well as the body. She loves precision and making every detail of her designs unique. She looks for the right material for each design and matches colours and flowers perfectly. She told us, “My wonderful grandmother taught me to knit, and I love bringing this passion into my designs by weaving any material to make them”.

Her work today concerns the organisation and management of the courses at the Ivan Bergh floral school in Pescara. She also loves working as a freelancer for the organisation of large events and weddings. She also works under the title of Claudia Kla.

Claudia Delli Rocioli

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