Claudia Tararache

Claudia Tararache works at Anthurium Flowers in Romania

Claudia has chosen to tell her story in her own words “My Name is Claudia Ionela Tararache (born Purcarea) and this is the story of my first encounter with the fairytale land called the flower shop. This is the moment 12-13 years ago when I met my husband and he introduced me to his family business, Anthurium Flower shop, the oldest and most famous in Constanta in Romania. It was indeed love at first sight, I felt like that place was the perfect dream-like scenery for me, the mesmerising flower scent, the beautiful colourful plants and flowers. Soon I was part of the team.
At first I was not taught to work properly, but the desire to learn helped me step-by-step and I began to make bouquets, design and create arrangements of flowers in wreaths, bouquets, vases, and centerpiece elements. I wanted to find out as much as possible about this wonderful world. I started looking up on the internet for floral designs and I started buying books to explore more and more to nourish my new passion.
With a hungry desire to expand my knowledge in this field, I have searched for new training courses to keep up with the latest Trends and I have been so lucky to work with many wonderful designers and teachers.  And here I am now, at Floral Fundamentals. A great and unique family where I was received with open arms. Thank you For that!”
Claudia first came to our attention through entering Facebook competitions run by Fusion Flowers magazine and, as they watched her work improve, they realised her dedication which in turn led to her invitation to join Floral Fundamentals. This is a designer to watch out for.

Anthurium Flowers
Bulevardul Tomis nr 144 bl td3b parter (vis-a-vis de Spitalul Mare), Constanta, Romania