Conny van der Westerlaken

Conny van der Westerlaken lives and works in The Netherlands.

After graduating as a graphic designer, Conny van der Westerlaken dedicated herself to portrait photography. However, she felt this did not allow her to fully express herself, therefore she decided to make a switch to the floral industry.

She studied Dutch Floral Design at the Boerma Instituut (International Floral Design School) followe by the Associate Degree in Floristry at the Stoas Hogeschool. In 2013 she graduated her Master in Nature and Design (Wellant College Houten). This education focused on designing innovative objects ( new techniques, in combination with both vegetable and non-natural materials) large scale objects for companies and events, but also smaller ones for interiors.

Being an eclectic person, a variety of styles are found in her work. Organic shaped objects which have a sense of silence in them, till abundant colourful natural styled floral works. She has great patience for constructing objects. Monkish work is often a suitable description for it.

In 2016, she set up her own floral atelier Pasandeau Florale Vormgeving located in Ulvenhout (the Netherlands). As a floral artist, she caters to both individual and the corporate segment. She creates objects, event flowers, funeral and bridal arrangements, gives workshops and demonstrations and has participated in contests. Published work can be found in the Fusion Flowers Magazine: wedding edition 2017 ( Bridal Bouquet Hydrangea contest) and issue 102 (the Just Chrys contest 2018).
According to Conny every little part of nature has inspiration to be found.

She is honoured to be part of the Floral Fundamentals family and is eager to spread floral inspiration around the world.

Conny van der Westerlaken
Pasandeau Florale Vormgeving, Molenstraat 23 (behind the Mill),
4851 SG Ulvenhout, The Netherlands