Dennis Kneepkens

Dennis Kneepkens is based in The Netherlands.

Dennis Kneepkens is a Dutch floral and interior designer travelling the world doing large-scale freelance projects. Winning Student of the Year at aged twenty, earned him a spot as a floral teacher at the only seven star hotel in the world in Dubai, which in turn sparked a love for working abroad.  Since then he has travelled the globe visiting notable locations such as Greece, Russia and New York, but also less conventional places like Iraq.  Always advocating the importance of giving each place a unique personality that fits with its surroundings, Dennis decorates luxury hotels, plans events, organises workshops and designs floral art installations.  Just as the world has many different points of view, his work is split into a bright, colourful style and a more soft ton sur ton look.  Tying the two together, Dennis’ body of work can be recognised by his combination of natural materials and artisan craftsmanship with an appreciation for symmetrical shapes.

Still, there is one thing that characterises Dennis even more: his ever-present smile!  Which is why we are so happy that this lovely young man joined us at Floral Fundamentals and instantly became a member of our floral family.

Dennis Kneepkens
International Floral and Interior Designer, Haarlemmerdijk 116C, 1013 JH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 43400117