Dominique Ostheeren

Dominique Ostheeren is based in Berlin, Germany.

Dominique Ostheeren is a German Master Florist who trained under Peter Assmann. She is based in Berlin, Germany. Dominique is a charming and enthusiastic person who is completely at home as a teacher and demonstrator.

Dominique, who is fluent in 4 languages, finds herself more and more in demand to the point that she spends a lot of time overseas teaching. She loves attention to detail which shines out of everything she does and, at the recent IPM Essen, one of her displayed bouquets saw florists queuing to take photographs of her handmade, Japanese-style flowers.

This young woman is clearly destined for great things and we are eager to see what she does next. She loved coming to Floral Fundamentals and was entranced by the growers flowers.

Dominique Ostheeren
Berlin, Germany