Elisabeth Schoenemann

Elisabeth Schoenemann is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Elisabeth Schoenemann is a young, bold and talented German florist who grew up amongst flowers. As a 4th generation florist Elisabeth has developed a keen sense for clear lines, high technical skills with a special eye for the details in flowers.

Her passion is for large, important pieces which go beyond the grounds of the decorative style and into the realm of sculpture and artistic installations using flowers as a means for expression. With this in mind, Elisabeth has, in the near future, plans for large pieces in open public places.

Elisabeth is a prized professional, having participated in numerous competitions both locally and internationally. As a freelance florist, Elisabeth has had the opportunity of working all over Europe, the Caribbean and Japan as well as South America.

Her enthusiasm is boundless and she delights in a challenge. Elisabeth is a real and genuine inspiration for other young florists.

Elisabeth Schoenemann
Hamburg, Germany
Email: elisabethschoenemann@web.de
Website: www.elisabeth-schoenemann.de

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