Gábor Nagy

Gábor Nagy is based in Hungary.

Gábor Nagy is a Hungarian floral designer who lives in Hungary. Although he was born in Hungary he lived in the Ukraine until the age of 8. His passion for floristry started in his childhood when his parents opened their flower shop. He started to take part in competitions after his mother took her Hungarian Master Florist exam and passed about three and a half years ago. His mother is also a competitor. Next to floristry he is involved with fine arts.

Gábor says, “My source of inspiration can be anything but mostly it is nature, art or fashion. The multiplicity and variation of form and colours is always individual and particular.”

He demonstrates and gives workshops in Hungary and abroad.

Gábor won several Hungarian floral and art competitions. In 2017 he achieved first place at the Hungarian Championship and the same year he took 1st place at the Eurofleurs competition in Belgium. Next to these competitions he achieved 2nd place in the 2018 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year Competition as well.

He also says, “To be a florist for me does not only mean the thing to make a bouquet or a composition but I can express my feelings with the flowers. This work contains a part from the soul of the florist. This is not only a job or a profession for me, but an important part of my days, it is my life and my passion.”

This is a young man with a future!

Gábor Nagy
Flamingo Flower Shop, Vásárosnamény, Hungary

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