Geertje Stienstra

Geertje Stienstra is based in The Netherlands.

Geertje Stienstra is a highly talented and charming Master Florist who is based in The Netherlands. Geertje tells us that she has two passions in life – her family and flowers! That was certainly true when she attended a recent photo shoot with Floral Fundamentals where her two loves were clearly on display in everything she did.

She is known for her work in styling and in teaching and demonstrations too. Geertje has a lightness of touch in her designs and she is due to return to our next photo shoot to produce yet more design work for us.

She loves doing large scale projects just as much as creating small personal pieces too – so long as it involves flowers – Geertje will be in the thick of it!

Geertje Stienstra
Ganzenweide 37, 8446 KR Heerenveen, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 513 84 15 66