Hanky Frèrejean

Hanky Frèrejean is a Dutch based florist.

Hanky Frèrejean is a Dutch based florist and tutor who has worked around the world on many huge international projects. This highly popular and colourful lady brings a warm glow to the hearts of everyone who works with her. She is a very giving person with a natural approach that can be traced back in her love for working with flowers.

Hanky was one of the founding florists to be at the Floral Fundamentals photo shoot in The Netherlands and although she already knew many of the florists who attended, there were new florists to be added and have now become firm friends.

Her creations are as pure as nature can bring us. Living amongst a natural environment inspires her to use the materials that nature gives us throughout all seasons. It is because of this combination that she is known for the depths and colour highlights that she brings to her designs.

Hanky Frèrejean
Email: hankyfleury@planet.nl