Hanneke Frankema

Hanneke Frankema lives and works in The Netherlands.

Hanneke Frankema is 33 years old and comes from The Netherlands. She lives in a small town called Schipluiden with her boyfriend who is also her photographer, Nico Alsemgeest. Flowers are Hanneke’s biggest passion!

From an early age she learned to love flowers and enjoyed making things with them, you could always find her in the garden!  For 8 years she had a flower shop but now works as a freelance florist and she travels the world to teach floristry, do competitions, give floral demonstrations, make floral installations at big shows and to do flower promotions. She also creates decorations at trade fairs. Hanneke qualified as a Master Florist 10 years ago. She was the youngest florist to achieve this title.

She has won several competitions including the first edition of the Barcelona World Flowers Cup, several Dutch championships and took 6th place in the European youth competition.  She is a certificated judge and was on the jury in a Dutch television show “Hollands Beste Bloemstylist” for 2 seasons. That was a big honour!

She teaches a lot of floristry and organises her own Masterclasses. Her work features a lot of detail and techniques. She has developed her own style, people can recognise her work!

Hanneke says, “I work a lot with the best Florists in the world and my whole career is a dream come true!!! I enjoy teaching a lot and give my talent to other people who also love flowers!”

Hanneke Frankema
Hanneke Frankema Floral Designer, The Netherlands
Website: www.hannekefrankema.com