Harijanto Setiawan

Harijanto Setiawan is based in Singapore but works worldwide.

Harijanto Setiawan is an international Event Designer, florist, architect and entrepreneur. His work is legendary as is his generous spirit and kindness. Harijanto lives in Singapore where he has been ‘recognised’ by the Singaporean government for services to floristry and charity. He is a passionate designer who takes on amazing projects which would leave most designers trembling. However, all of this is based on a sound business strategy which takes him all over the world.

Harijanto flew in to take part in the 2nd Floral Fundamentals photo shoot and immediately charmed everyone. He is a determined person and worked right through even although he had succumbed to a virus en route!
He is living proof that commercial design can mean different things to different people – to Harijanto everything can be commercial and it often helps to take a long term approach to business.

Harijanto Setiawan
40C Harding Road (Penthouse Level – 3rd Floor), Singapore 249548
Tel: +65 6423 1400
Email: boenga@singnet.com.sg
Website: www.boenga.net