Heli Haapatalo

Heli Haapatalo lives and works in Finland.

Heli Haapatalo’s education started as a gardener and florist but then she continued on to become a Master Florist (Floristmaster) of Finland.

She loves flowers and crafts and, in addition, she is a very artistic person helself. Heli says “That’s why this profession has always interested in me.” She is currently working in a flower shop called Kukkavarpukka in Finland.

She is a keen competitor and has often competed in Finland. Most recently, she won the Helsinki Open – twice in a row and last year won the Finnish championship (this competition is open to all florists in Finland). Thanks to the competition successes she was selected as the candidate to represent Finland in the Eurofleur competition where she was placed third overall and received two Honorable Mentions.

Heli loves to travel around the world to see different floristry styles and techniques.

Heli Haapatalo