Ioachim Erema

Ioachim Erema is based in England, UK.

Ioachim Erema came to the floral world at a very early age working for a very well-known flower shop.  He quickly became interested in flower design and started to discover a world of possibilities. On his journey he him to go further – beyond the limits. He loves nature and continues to explore the opportunities that it offers.

The art of creating sensation with flowers is not only his profession, it is his passion and his life. Ioachim is based in England however he also teaches, demonstrates and creates exhibition pieces around Europe. He is currently focused on making another of his floral dreams come true – but – at the moment it’s still a secret.

We ‘discovered’ Ioachim when he entered (and won) a Fusion Flowers magazine Facebook competition. He loved coming to Floral Fundamentals, meeting other designers and seeing the growers in action too

Ioachim Erema
Ioachim Erema Flowers, England, UK

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