Ivan Bergh

Ivan Bergh lives and works in Pescara, Italy.

Ivan Bergh who lives and works in Pescara, Italy is a highly experienced florist who runs the Ivan Bergh Floral School. However, Ivan started his career as an accountant before deciding to take a new road which led him to the world of floristry.

He studied with Peter Hess, Jean Marie Leeman and Runi Kristofersen and in 2001 began his collaboration with the European Antheneaum of Floral Art as a lecturer and international judge. He took part in seminars in Hungary, Germany, The Netherlands and Norway and also took part in various competitions and won the Italian Championship.

Ivan confesses that flowers are his passion – his parents grew them and clearly he loves them!  He now has his own school where he teaches composition and shares with his students the need to be aware of what is coming.  He says “As a florist it teaches one to experiment, to dare with new materials, new forms and to always have a creative approach”. “Flowers express our feelings, we dare to ‘voice’ our emotions with colours, shapes and materials and we can communicate everything we have…the love and passion…flowers.”

Ivan Bergh
Ivan Bergh Floral School, Volga 21, 65015 Montesilvano – Pe- Italy
Tel: +39 328 68 55 323
Email: info@ivanbergh.com
Website: www.ivanbergh.com