Jimmy Englund

Jimmy Englund is based in Sweden.

Jimmy Englund has about 20 years behind him as a creative florist, of which the last five years is as manager and artistic director of Stilfloristerna – one of the most stylish and unique flower shops in Sweden which is decorated in black from floor to ceiling.

Jimmy loves to push the creative boundaries and is particularly renowned in Sweden for his innovative, personalised and stylish approach with the aim to set new Trends in the Swedish florist industry.

Most of Jimmy’s creation takes place in daily life, for every customer in the store, where creativity is not just for show or photography, but especially for each individual customer, large or small. He is mightily popular even for customers who “just” have a simple bouquet.

From2012, Jimmy is a frequent competition florist in Sweden and often engaged source of inspiration for both florists and floristry students, where his cheerful creative charisma helps with lots of new ideas for the future of floristics.

His sense of humour and total engagement at
Floral Fundamentals was noticeable – he loved not only everything he saw but the comradeship between growers, suppliers and florists. A man with a vision and an exciting future, Jimmy Englund is a man to watch!

Jimmy Englund
Stilfloristerna Nya Tanneforsvägen 19, 58242 Linköping, Sweden
Website: www.stilfloristerna.se