John McDonald

John McDonald is the Chief Florist at Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland.

John McDonald is a highly experienced florist based in Scotland. John had, at one time, two shops based in Dundee but has since sold these to become the chief florists at the internationally renowned Gleneagles Hotel near Perth.
As chief florist he is responsible for the floral decoration of the hotel plus the special events and weddings that are held in the various ‘rooms’. Together with his team, he is used to working long hours to create magical and very personal settings for all the exciting ‘happenings’. John is also a seasoned competitor and demonstrator but all of that must now fit around he full-time employment at Gleneagles.

His work has featured in various magazines in particular Fusion Flowers Weddings magazine where he created two very unique bridal Collections.

John’s feedback on attending a Floral Fundamentals photo shoot was extremely interesting. He said that he left feeling re-energised and completely connected to the growers. He has even volunteered to come back any time!
Photography by Denis Bradley courtesy of Fusion Flowers magazine

John McDonald
Perthshire, Scotland