Kamil Leszek Lutostański

Kamil Leszek Lutostański lives and works in Poland.

Kamil Leszek Lutostański is a young Polish florist. He comes from a beautiful region located near the Baltic Sea. He was raised in the countryside, surrounded by forests and meadows full of flowers. From the very beginnings of his life he has been interested in plants.

Kamil graduated from the Technical School of Landscape Architecture, and nowadays he studies horticulture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

For Kamil floristry is not only a passion but also an important part of his life. His interest in floristry started when he was at Technical School. The next move in his professional development was advanced floristry courses and workshops. In 2016 he graduated the Floral Design School in Warsaw.

Kamil won 1st place in two most important Polish competitions in the junior category: Polish Florist Championship and International Floristic Championship. Thanks to winning the 1st place in the Polish Florist Championship, he then represented Poland at the European Championship for Young Florists EUROFLEURS 2017 in Belgium.

Initially nervous, he responded to the warmth of the reception he received at Floral Fundamentals and feels that he learned a lot from becoming an Ambassador.

Kamil Leszek Lutostański
Email: kamillutek12@wp.pl