Lana Bates

Lana Bates is a multi-award winning Dutch Master Florist.
Lana Bates - Florist

Lana Bates is a multi-award winning Dutch Master Florist and author who came to flowers after her previously successful career as a lawyer.  She is also a tutor and demonstrator known for her excellent use of colour and texture and she travels the world sharing her love of flowers wherever she goes.

Lana is a passionate lady who loves to laugh but don’t be fooled – she is very serious about her work.   As she travels, she is always on the look-out for new impressions that she might translate into her designs.  Lana is a regular contributor to Fusion Flowers magazine and has been involved in several international design projects many of which have been on a vast scale.


She was one of the florists at the first Floral Fundamentals photo shoot where she made a big impact with everyone she met and we know that she will be back!  Lana made an impassioned speech at the launch of Floral Fundamentals explaining the challenges that florists are up against these days – without question – she shed new light on the world of the florist to all of the grower who were present.

Lana Bates