Laurence Hanauer-Bayha

Laurence Hanauer-Bayha is based in France.

Laurence Hanauer-Bayha is a third generation florist who works in her own shop in Strabourg in France but she lives in Stuttgart, Germany.

She’s French but is a German Master Florist who trained under Peter Assmann in Germany in 2004.

Laurence is also a member of the forward thinking The Young Guns (Fleurops Junge Wilde) and is an Ambassador for Lehner Wolle. She likes to share her experience with young people teaching at school, the Flower Art Academy and doing international demonstrations and workshops. Laurence loves transparent , airy, light works, contrasting with structures and combinations of different textures. She revelled in discovering the huge range of flowers that the Floral Fundamentals Partners grow – a botanical heaven!

Laurence Hanauer-Bayha
Fleurs Flora, 55, rue du faubourg de Pierre, Strasbourg, France