Lily Beelen

Lily Beelen is based in The Netherlands.

Lily Beelen is a Master Florist with over 28 years experience. After working for several florists, she started to work as a Freelancer in 2015. She loves to demonstrate, to teach as a guest tutor at schools, and to stimulate and innovate herself by doing competitions. She won the VBW Flowercup in the Netherlands in 2015. In addition in 2010 she, together with a partner, started a small business doing workshops. They create flower arrangements and also work with glass and wood.

She have two passions in life, her Family and Flowers. As a kid she was always fascinated by flowers. When she became a Master Florist it changed her life forever.

Her work shows a lot of styles and she loves to work with colours, translating emotions in floral art. To inspire and to motivate that’s her goal.

Lily loves to work with other florists, to share ideas, to communicate. So she is really happy to become part of Floral Fundamentals and the Family!!

Lily Beelen
Just Lily, van Bronckhorststraat 80, 5961 SM Horst, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 27320608

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