Lisa Pålsson

Lisa Pålsson is based in Oslo, Norway.

Elisabeth Pålsson,  known simply as Lisa, was born in Karlskrona, Sweden in 1983.  She graduated from Ingvar Strandhs Florist School in Malmoe in 2009, where she, a year earlier during a school internship, came to work in Oslo at Stein Are Hansen’s shop Blomst af Hansen. This short stint in Norway led to her being invited back to the Norwegian capital after she finished school, to complete her education as a trainee, and in 2011, her final examination results earned her an honorary award for Best Apprentice, in any craft that year.

As Stein Are Hansen is well-known through his numerous accolades in florist competitions, it didn’t take long before Lisa too caught the competitive bug.  This resulted in her winning a gold medal at the Norwegian Championship as a junior florist in 2011, where she was later awarded both bronze and silver medals as a senior as well.

Lisa currently also holds the title of Nordic Champion together with the rest of the winning Norwegian team of 2014.

Now also having found love in Norway, it looks like Lisa is in Oslo to stay, where this highly talented florist continues to explore and develop her skills as a professional and now also as a Floral Fundamentals ambassador.

Lisa Pålsson
Blomst af Hansen, Oslo, Norway