Lottie Nys

Lottie Nys lives and works in America.

More than a gifted florist and inspirational instructor, Lottie Nys AIFD distinguishes herself as an enthusiastic mentor to aspiring and accomplished designers alike. Her commitment to high industry standards and passion for design are contagious.

Early on, Lottie resolved to learn from the best. That motivated her to seek formal training with Phil Rulloda AIFD, Els Hazenberg AIFD, Hitomi Gillium AIFD, John Haines AIFD, Tor Gunderson and many others. In 1997 she was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers. When Lottie “speaks from experience” she is drawing not just from her impressive training and credentials, but also from her work in retail, her 13 years at the Teleflora Education Center, her experience as a designer for PFD magazine and as a display artist for major permanent showroom across the country.

Throughout her years in the industry, Lottie has served on the AIFD Regional Board, AIFD National Board as a Representative to the South Central Region and as Secretary of AIFD’s National Board. She has faithfully attended retreats, workshops, and design programs. Lottie has been a facilitator, with Hitomi Gillium AIFD, for the Survival of the Creative Mind Conference, a teacher for Designing for Excellence and has even traveled to Paris and Singapore as a member of the Design 358 team. Lottie also presented a main stage program at the American Institute of Floral designers National Symposium, in Chicago, 2014.
Lottie’s desire for learning is rivaled only by her dedication to sharing what she has learned with others, inspiring them to realize their own potential.

Lottie Nys
40067 N. 3990 Rd., Collinsville, OK 74021, USA
Email: lnys50@gmail.com