Mariann Holmen

Mariann Holmen lives and works in Norway.

Mariann Holmen is a highly talented young Norwegian florist who has a great future ahead of her. In 2017 she was the winner of the Nordic Flower Cup and, as part of her prize, she was given the opportunity to come to a Floral Fundamentals photo shoot and to become one of our Ambassadors.

Mariann is a keen competitor having also been placed third in the Norwegian championships and first in Italy.

She is a very charming, modest person. Her work was a delight for everyone to see and it was great to watch her blossom in the supportive and friendly environment of Floral Fundamentals. Mariann loved meeting and visiting some of the growers and it opened her eyes as to their dedication.

We have no doubts that this young lady will have a great future that we will all watch with interest.

Mariann Holmen