Mikhail Chudnovets

Mikhail Chudnovets lives and works in Ukraine.

Mikhail Chudnovets originally set out to be a graphic designer who changed his plans and became a qualified florist but his education didn’t stop there as he continues to attend seminars and Master classes to increase his inspiration.  In 2015 he co-founded MARTAGON floral workshop where he became one of the leading florists in the project.  However his qualification as a graphic designer has proved to be extremely useful because he continues to use this knowledge in the various projects that he is involved in.

Although quite a shy person, Mikhail is clearly passionate about what he does.  He ‘cares’ and it shows.  He is a regular competitor and has been involved in several large scale installation projects.  He loves a challenge, is highly creative and loves to experiment to search out new directions for his design work.

Given that he has found the world of flowers to be something that he loves, it was only natural that he become a teacher and he inspires everyone he comes in contact with.

We are certain  that he will have a wonderful future in floristry – a name to watch for sure!



Mikhail Chudnovets
Dnepr, Ukraine