Natalia Zhizhko

Natalia Zhizhko is highly innovative Estonian born florist based in Russia.

Natalia Zhizhko is a multi-awarded florist, teacher and demonstrator and is the CEO, Creative Director Tridvornova art-bureau.  Although Natalia is based in Russia she was born and brought up in Estonia and now works all over the world teaching and demonstrating.  She loves to travel and it is through her travels that she finds inspiration for much of her work.

She is a highly talented lady who loves fun and the moment she saw a bicycle at the venue for the first Floral Fundamentals photo shoot she was off.  However, she then spotted the motorised vehicle – and she was off again! Behind her trademark cheeky smile, Natalia is a dedicated designer who creates some truly remarkable work.

Her projects include:

2016 World Garden Show Japan – Silver
2016 Singapore Garden Festival – Silver
2015 World Garden Show Japan – Gold
2011 Europa Cup – 1st place
2009 Russia Cup – 1st place

2016 Sikastone, China
2015 Mexico, UK, Denmark

International Education Projects
Floral Fundamentals
Fusion Flowers

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Estonia

Natalia Zhizhko
CEO, Creative Director, Tridvornova art-bureau, Russia

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