Natallia Sakalova

Natallia Sakalova is based in Belgium.

Natallia Sakalova is a Russian born designer who lives and works in Belgium. She is quite remarkable in many ways to the point that she taught herself a new language by reading magazines!

Natallia started floristry in 2006 and by 2009 she had her own shop De fleurs à fleurs. She is a keen competitor and exhibitor and thrives on challenges. At the recent IMP Essen show she manned the demonstration area on the G-Fresh stand where she created bouquets for 3 solid days non-stop.

She has a lovely personality and enchants those who meet her with her passion and enthusiasm. Her delight at the Floral Fundamentals photo shoot was evident when she saw the flowers that the growers brought. Without question, she is a name to watch and she is currently learning more English because she wants to travel – and she will.

Natallia Sakalova
De fleurs à fleurs, 5140 Gembloux, Belgium