Nicolaus Peters

Nicolaus Peters is based in Berlin, Germany.

Nicolaus Peters is a German Master Florist and one of the founding members of the famous Wild Guns team. Nicolaus also holds a Master degree from the Sogetsu Ikebana School in Tokyo. He is a keen competitor and has won the German national Championship together with other awards.

He runs his own freelance business and teaches both in German and overseas. His enthusiasm is infectious and he revelled in meeting the growers in Floral Fundamentals confesssing that he had never had the opportunity to meet growers before.

Nicolaus created the summer flowers handtied bouquet which features in the Floral Fundamentals video.

Nicolaus Peters
Meisterfloristik Nicolaus Peters, Czeminskistraße 9, 10829 Berlin, Germany
Tel: (0178) 4689177

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