Oliver Ferchland

Oliver Ferchland lives and works in Germany.

Oliver Ferchland is a German florist who says “I have always worked as a florist, however, 12 years ago many opportunities in global projects, competitions and exhibition designs of the green walks gave me a variety of skills and trades.” He also works at various national garden fairs for their planning and realisation.

Oliver writes for a flower magazine and produces the appropriate photo series as a florist and photographer. He says “In addition, my biggest motivation is always to deal with new developments and trends and to bring in new trends in showrooms and in green industry marketing projects.”

At aged only 14, his school offered him the opportunity to work in a floral specialist shop and from then on – he spent every available moment working there and learning.
Oliver says that lilacs always remind him of his Mother and he remembers making her a small bouquet – a memory to treasure forever.

He has been a keen competitor but nowadays you will find him at IPM Essen encouraging young florists to develop their own skills as he has.

Oliver is a designer who likes to plan and think things through when it comes to design and at the recent photo shoot he prepared all of his structures first before adding his flowers. He has his own way of working – and it works!

Oliver Ferchland