Oscar von Flora

Oscar von Flora is based in Sweden.

Oscar von Flora, who is currently based in Sweden, is an amazing young florist who represented his country in the World Skills competition some time ago. At that time he was very keen on competition work but subsequently went off on a completely different direction before returning to his beloved flowers.

We were so impressed with his work that it was featured as a front cover for Fusion Flowers magazine where he fashioned a ‘helmet’ out of tiny Dianthus petals (Carnations).

Oscar currently works in a florist shop in Sweden but, until his visit to a Floral Fundamentals photo shoot, it had been some time before he had had the opportunity to experiment.  You will see a cropped photo here of some of his work which is still TOP SECRET but you will soon find out what it was all about in a future edition of Floral Fundamentals. We are delighted to welcome him as a Floral Fundamentals Ambassador.

Oscar von Flora