Pere Padrós

Pere Padrós is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Pere Padrós comes from a family of florists. He is third generation and works in the family shop in Barcelona which they have owned for 61 years!

He started with studies of Plastic Arts and Floral Art in 2014 at “Escola d’art Floral de Catalonia”. He then went on to assist at the Catalan School for demonstrations and installations.

Pere is a keen competitor and participated in the Best Artisan Spain competition in in 2016 coming 3rd. Then he entered the Arteflorando in 2017 (4th) and in 2018 he was placed 1st in the ‘foreigner’ category of the Estonian competition.

He has been encouraged to gain more experience and has worked in several countries. He tells us that he had a great experience working with the team at Floral Fundamentals. We also hear that 2020 will be another very special year for this highly talented, charming young florists.

Flors Zinnia Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain