Priit Press

Priit Press lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia.

Priit Press is a Estonian Master Florist and former Estonian National Champion. He took his Master degree in Finland. He is also a teacher and has demonstrated and taught in Finland, Latvia, Germany and Japan.

With 28 years experience, Priit manages his own tiny flower shop Priit Press ja Lilled in the centre of Tallinn in the Estonian capital. However, he has always been fascinated by flowers. He loves the colours and shapes of flowers. He finds his inspiration everywhere, architecture, culture, even flowers give good advice for new ideas he says!

Priit is a very experienced and charming florist who loves to work with nature and – it shows! His work has a delicacy of touch where every piece of plant material is treated with respect as can be seen in his ‘Pillow of Dreams’ on the front cover of Issue 7 of Floral Fundamentals magazine.

Priit loved visiting and meeting the growers and working with other designers – which will no doubt open a world of opportunities for him.

Priit Press
Priit Press ja Lilled, OÜ Priit Press ja Lilled, Sakala 20, Tallinn 10141, Estonia
Tel: + 372 645 44 28 GSM + 37256560300