Sara-Lisa Ludvigsson

Sara-Lisa Ludvigsson is based in Sweden.

Sara-Lisa Ludvigsson worked as a floral design teacher at upper secondary level school for 15 years and also helped to develop and judge certificates for florists on a national level as well in international projects founded by the European union. She also helped to develop and judge the Swedish journeyman’s certificate.

However, her life has changed a lot which means that at the end of this year she will start her own business – a mjor step forward. She still freelances at events, weddings, funerals but also teaching courses and giving demonstrations.

This year she will be the Swedish expert at the Euro skills competition, and from this autumn will start working together with the team “Floristisk coaching” with courses and demos. She loves to teach. A former competitor herself – she put a lot of energy into encouraging her students to compete and challenge themselves.

She won the hearts of everyone at the Floral Fundamentals photo shoot with her enthusiasm and joie de vivre! The world will hear more of this wonderful young woman as she moves into her latest venture and we are sure that she will travel – sharing her knowledge and love of flowers wherever she goes.

Sara-Lisa Ludvigsson
By Sara-Lisa, Sweden