Stein Are Hansen

There is no question that Stein Are Hansen is a Norwegian national treasure.
Stein Are Hansen Florist

There is no question that Stein Are Hansen is a Norwegian national treasure. As far as floristry is concerned – he’s done it all! Stein Are has more awards under his belt than any other designer we know including the coveted Interflora World Cup which he won in Shanghai, China.

His attention to detail and design style is legendary which is why he was called on at a very early age to travel to the Far East to work. These days he prefers to remain home working in his gorgeous shop in Oslo – Blomst af Hansen. He can be tempted out when he finds the offer interesting and was when he took part in the first ever Floral Fundamentals photo shoot in The Netherlands.

Stein Are is a passionate person as the growers soon found out. He will be just as excited by a new flower variety as he will be by those flowers that many other florists overlook because they think they are out of fashion. That kind of thinking is bound to awaken him to a challenge and he thrives on making the apparently more ordinary flowers spectacular. The question would always be – how can he convince his customers that spray Carnations, Chrysanthemums and other overlooked flowers can be something special too. He can and he does – because of his style and expertise.

Stein Are’s shop is an experience in itself and each and every item is carefully selected and Branded. Chic, black backdrops and good lighting are the order of the day at Blomst af Hansen.

Blomst af Hansen
Ullevålsveien 39, Oslo, Norway

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