Stijn Simaeys

In Memoriam - Stijn Simaeys was a wonderful Belgian florist.

Stijn Simaeys is a Belgian florist who is known throughout Europe for being a dedicated designer with a big heart!  Stijn pops up all over the place – if there’s a competition or an exhibition you will be bound to find this highly energetic man there somewhere.  He has boundless energy and a great sense of humour and most recently has been involved in creating the design stand for Anco pure Vanda at Aalsmeer not to mention various installation in China.  There is, however, one thing that you can always expect with Stijn no matter where he is – his power tools will not be far away!  Stijn was one of the designers at the first Floral Fundamentals photo shoot.

We have lost a friend

It is with a heavy heart that I must report on the sudden death of our dear friend and Floral Fundamentals Ambassador, Stijn Simaeys while he was working in China.  Stijn died from a massive heart attack – he was a very young man and much loved and admired.

I suppose that normally, most organisations would simply remove his profile from their listing – but not Floral Fundamentals.  He was one of the first Ambassadors and, as far as we are all concerned, he remains one of our Ambassadors.  So sad, so very sad to lose this wonderful talent so young.  Mr Stijn Simaeys – a man with a wonderful, giving nature – we miss you.