Thomas Gröhbühl

Thomas Gröhbühl lives and works in Germany.

Thomas Gröhbühl is a former German national Champion whose work inspires the next generation of young German florists. After his education
Thomas went on to become a teacher himself. His is also a demonstrator and was the resident floral expert and consultant for a TV company. He has taken part in various floral exhibitions and, although he is a dedicated planner, he found himself in South Korea earlier this year when his materials were stuck at customs. He had to think on his feet and still created a magnificent design that not only WOWED the crowds but was awarded the Innovative Technique Award!

He has a quiet personality but his enthusiasm is infectious and people always respond to this very charming young man wherever he goes. He loves to create large scale installations some images of which you can see here but his real love is bridal work. His bouquets are gorgeous and exquisitely detailed.

Thomas has contributed to two books and his work has featured in various publication around the world. He loved coming to Floral Fundamentals and not only did the other Ambassadors admire his work but the Partners did too. A young man with a sparkling future for sure.

Thomas Gröhbühl
Thomas Gröhbühl Floraldesign, Lindenweg 4, 76344 Leopoldshafen, Germany